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Am I paying too much tax?

Am I paying too much tax?


Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Your business is growing, its profitable. You hear accountants say paying more tax is a sign of success – a profitable business.

But is it?

Are you paying too much tax?

Does the size of your tax bill cause you to worry?


Tax efficiency

The only way to ensure that your business is operating as tax efficiently as possible and that you, your family and your employees are being paid in the most tax efficient way; is to complete a comprehensive tax review.

This is why we developed our maximising the value tax service.

Accountants will tell you some ways to save tax through the general course of working with business owners. But the only way to maximise all the savings, allowances and tax efficiencies is to complete a thorough tax review.


Tax saving opportunities

We recommend that these reviews only need to be completed once every five years or so; sometimes more frequently if your circumstances change. This is because tax legislation is generally quite slow to change, so if maximise your savings now and follow the same approach in the future it will keep you tax efficient.


Our guarantee

We believe in this service so much that we offer a guarantee with it.

“If we can’t find you tax saving opportunities of at least £2,000 per year, we’ll refund the cost of the tax review”.

So far we have not had to give any refunds and annual tax saving opportunities we identify for clients average more than £7,000 a year.

If you plan on working for another 15 years, that could more than £100,000 of tax savings.


Get in touch

If you’d like to find out how much tax we can save you and your business, please get in touch.

Whether you use the tax savings to pay yourself more, work less for the same earning, invest for your families future or treat yourself, you’ll have the clarity and peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your business are tax efficient.