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Are you paying too much tax?

Are you paying too much tax? 

Most business owners who work with an accountant may think they are tax efficient.

But are they really?


Are you maximising all of the tax saving opportunities to you, your family, your team and your business?

The reality is you’re probably not.

Just because your accountant prepares your accounts and tax return it doesn’t mean you’re saving as much tax as you can and paying yourself and your team as tax efficiently as you could!

Why not?


Well, good accountants will prepare your accounts and tax return correctly. Making sure that the tax you pay, based on business performance is correct and is kept to a minimum based on the accounting records – after the end of the year.

After the end of the year – this is the key.

Accountants aren’t miracle workers, they don’t have a time machine.


The only way you can make sure you and your business are operating as tax efficiently as possible and taking advantage of all the allowances, incentives and tax deductions available is to have a comprehensive tax review.

Yes, bits and pieces will be picked up over the years working with your accountants. But this isn’t a structured or comprehensive way to approach tax efficiency.

This is why we’ve developed our ’32 Ways’ tax service where we meet with business owners, review their personal and business circumstances and put together a comprehensive action plan to maximise tax savings.


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We’re finding that clients are on average, currently achieving annual tax savings of more than £17,000 per year.

And this type of tax review doesn’t need to be completed every year. Once you understand how to maximise tax saving opportunities based on your position you apply the approach every year.

We usually recommend having a 32 Ways Tax review once every 5 years. Or more frequently if there is a significant change in your personal and business circumstances.


If you would like to find out how we can help you save tax and pay you, your family and your team more efficiently, please get in touch.