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Running a small business can be quite a challenge, but having a professional who understands the numbers and complexities of tax compliance can be a huge relief.

Telfords Accountants is an award-winning, full-service accounting firm in Kent that has been operating for almost a decade. Our mission is simple: to help business owners not only achieve their business goals, but also their personal aspirations.


Why You Need a Dedicated Accountant in Kent

If you’re like most of our small business clients, you juggle too many responsibilities that sometimes take away your focus on the core aspects of the business. We are here to provide a comprehensive suite of business support services to make the daily grind much more manageable.


Our Chartered Accountants in Kent have diverse expertise and backgrounds that allow us to assist you on these areas:

  • Accounting and Tax- Our specialists in tax and accounting in Kent can help you make sense of your numbers, prepare reports, and meet your tax obligations on time.
  • Tax Diagnostics- We combine the power of innovative tools and our technical expertise to provide tax diagnostics in Kent.
  • Bookkeeping- As experts in bookkeeping in Kent, we can ease your burden by keeping your financial records on track and handling all your paperwork.
  • Payroll- We offer end-to-end payroll in Kent– from processing, leave management, and time-off tracking through to reporting, payroll tax, and ongoing advice.
  • Business Development- We don’t just crunch numbers. Our team can empower you through business recovery, business continuity, and business development services in Kent.


We’re Experts in Xero

As a modern accounting firm, we embrace the power of technology in transforming businesses. Gone are the days of manual data entry and spreadsheets– cloud accounting is the new way to manage your accounts. 

As a certified Xero accountant in Kent, we can integrate this reliable cloud accounting system into your business to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and cut overhead costs.


Let’s take your business to the next level– get in touch with us today!


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