Covid-19 Business Support and Advice

Job Retention Scheme Webinar

For anyone unable to attend the webinar we ran on 30 March 2020 with Ian Pilbeam CEO of The HR Dept, there is a link here.

Questions and Answers

I know that you are concerned about the impact of the Covid-19 virus on your business and you and your family and friends.

We are in a period of uncertainty which naturally causes stress and anxiety.

As your accountants we are here to support you. The team are here to help you deal with any issues that you have that you would like to discuss.

The purpose of this page is to provide information which will help you over the next few months.

We will update the page on a regular basis, so please check it regularly for new information.

Of course if there are specific matters you wish to discuss, please get in touch.

Question: What information, updates and support will you be providing to clients?

Answer: From Thursday 19 March onwards we will be holding a Business Support Webinar at 12pm each Thursday. This will last for up to one hour where we provide information on key areas relevant to our clients. Time allowing we will answer questions in the webinar. We will also be making time available to speak to clients on a 1-2-1 basis about specific concerns they may have.

Question: I’m concerned about cash flow for the next month, what can I do?

Answer: Two areas to be focused on, firstly cash management and forecasting- try and eliminate unnecessary expenditure as soon as possible. Introduce cash forecast as a daily routine in your business. We can provide you with support to do this. Secondly, there is business funding available, we have spoken to a number of lenders who will provide facilities very quickly, so if this is needed we can help get a facility in place.

Question: I have a VAT and corporation tax bills to pay soon, can I delay payment?

Answer: HMRC are allowing payments to be spread over a longer period than usual. This applies to corporation tax, income tax, VAT and PAYE/NIC.

If you are concerned about whether you can afford to make payments on time, please take advantage of this scheme.

Contact HMRC on their Coronavirus helpline 0800 105 9559

There is more information available in the links below:

Question: How often is new information released and where can I find it

Answer: The Government is making scheduled press announcement every day at approximately 5pm and you can see them on BBC TV. The information can then be found on the BBC website and also on the HMRC website: