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Is a Fear of Failure Holding You Back?

When I was 8 years old I got stuck at the top of a tree, I’d climbed too high and couldn’t get down. I froze.

I’d looked down, seen how high it was and just froze.

All my friends had climbed the same tree, just as high, and had managed to get back down. I couldn’t. The fear of not being able to get down safely stopped me moving.

One of my friends had to go and get my Dad and a very big ladder. My Dad was not impressed that he’d had to rescue me and that I had ‘wimped out’.


This never happened again, I carried on climbing trees, just as high as my mates did, but I always got back down.

Rather than use the ‘fear’ to stop me I used it to motivate me.

I didn’t use the fear to stop me doing what I wanted to do.


I remembered the ‘tree’ incident recently when I was reflecting on what I’d achieved since leaving school.

Being the first person in my family to go to University, even without the support of a Dad who thought it was a ‘waste of time’.

Qualified as an accountant.

Worked my way up to be Group FD of a Civil Engineering Group.

Started my own business.


Fear of failure was always there but I preferred to use it as a motivational factor, that I needed to do this and once I’d committed to doing it, the ‘fear’ would stop me failing.

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