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It’s about you, not us.

Mark Telford on why he is focused on helping business owners achieve their goals.

Yes, I do accounts and tax returns, making sure clients comply with legislation. But that is the absolute minimum.

As business owners we have the perfect vehicle to use to help us achieve our personal goals. Sometimes its too difficult to see this, we’re working hard making sure new work comes in, work is delivered on time and that we get paid for it.

It can seem like a long road we’re slowly travelling along, we can see the destination way off in the distance, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer.

Get up, go to work, get work done, go home – repeat. As a business owner does this sound familiar?

Have you actually taken the time to step back for a moment, look at what you’re doing and wonder why – apart from the obvious – get money to pay bills, keep a roof over our heads and keep the kids clothed?

What if I was to ask you;

“What do you want?”

Would you be able to answer it?

Plenty of people know what they don’t want, but in avoiding that they don’t really have focus on what they do really want.

This is why it is so important to step out of the business for a time and identify what it is you want – personally and why your business really exists and then put a plan in place to achieve what it is you want.

It had a profound effect on me when I finally took the time out of my business to identify why my business existed – what its real purpose was and what my vision was.

Then digging a little deeper I thought about what I wanted to achieve personally – tangible goals which when achieved would provide satisfaction and ultimately the three freedoms – time, money and mind.

Having enough time to do the things we love, not to be worried about money and having less stress – that has to be what we all want to achieve, doesn’t it?

So, yes we’re accountants but our focus is on helping you achieve your goals…

…not just preparing accounts and tax returns.