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Know What You Want

Having clarity over why you do what you do goes a long way towards providing you with peace of mind and it makes work more fun and enjoyable instead of stressing you out.


One of my favourite questions to ask business owners is “What do you want?”.

All too often I’ll be met with a response which talks about turnover, profits, clients, team, offices…

So, I have to repeat the question “No, what do YOU want?”.


It’s so easy to start a business because we have a great idea, get fed up working for someone else and think we can do a better job or maybe we’ve been made redundant and need to do something.

That may be okay short term but it’s definitely not okay long term.

If you’re not careful you can end up working crazy hours, maybe not earning enough and you might actually be better off getting a job – its easier, steady, salary at the end of the month, not crazy hours with no guarantee of getting paid.


Work out what you want

Work out what you want personally and make that central to what your business does.

You need to increase your income to have the lifestyle you want – so grow your business to increase profits.

You want to work 4 days a week – so get the systems and processes and team in place that allow you to do that.

You want to have 6 weeks holiday a year – so get those holidays booked and plan all your work around them


Work out a plan

We work closely with many clients to help them work out what they want and then put a plan in place to achieve it

Knowing what you want can often be a light bulb moment that and the realisation that it really is achievable.

The global pandemic made many more people question why they do what they do.

Having clarity and peace of mind knowing what we want enables us to make better business decisions to improve our personal lives.

It enables us to be less stressed and enjoy time away from the business much more.


If you’d like a free 30 minute meeting to discuss how we can help you run the business you want so you can have clarity and peace of mind, please get in touch.