The Gap

Share, Collaborate and Learn

I’m back in the office today after two incredible days spent attending The Gap workshops in London and sharing the experience with 50+ like-minded accountants on a similar journey to me and wanting to help their clients in a similar way.

I also had the opportunity to speak on day 2 and share with everyone what I’m doing in my business, with my team and our clients.

The key word here is share.

Add to that collaborate.

All the accountants who were there, either existing Gap members, or those just taking a look for the first time; they all wanted to learn more, to find out ways that they can provide even more value to their clients.

Value means different things to different people.

One of my BFO’s (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) from the 2 days; which I spoke about, is that we don’t need to learn to be better accountants to provide more value.

We need to understand that we already have a huge amount of knowledge, information and experience from running our own businesses.

By sharing this with our clients we can add massive value.

We are, as Daniel Priestley talks about in his book ‘Key Person of Influence’, already standing on a mountain of value.

We need to get better at communicating this to clients – on our websites, blogs, videos, social media posts and most importantly in face to face discussions either on a 1-2-1 basis or when holding events – workshops and seminars.

When we talk to clients about how we can help, give examples of how we have helped other clients and what the positive outcomes were that you helped them to achieve.

Sitting in the Gap Workshops, listening to insights from others, speaking with others during breaks and at lunch I picked up so much great value – so much gold.

Hearing what other accountants have done in their work to have a positive impact on the businesses and lifestyles of their clients.

I’ll be implementing a lot of this in my business, to improve what we do and how we do it.

I’ve attended every London based Gap workshop since they started coming to the UK (I’ve only missed one – last week in Leeds) and I’ll keep attending every event in the future as I learn more every time I do.

By doing this I continue to live into the core purpose of our business “to build better businesses and lifestyles for ambitious business owners”.

I keep focused on our core values:

–         Clarity

–         Consistency

–         Communication

–         Continuous improvement

–         Congruence

My message for other accountants looking to do more to improve and enjoy their work and to have a positive impact for their clients is simple:

Share, collaborate and learn from your peers.

This is exactly what Mark Jenkins and Viv Brownrigg are doing. They are both accountants, have both run their own accountancy practices and are now sharing with others what they did to have a positive impact for their clients.

They really do live into their core purpose:

‘Leading Accountants to Achieve Their True Purpose’

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