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“There’s Too Much To Do”

There’s Too Much To Do.

I’m not enjoying this anymore.


Have you ever felt like this running your business?

What started off as fun and exciting has actually become a pain.

Long days, constant firefighting, so much work to do and it feels like it’s getting out of control.

And the to do list is just getting longer.

Added to that you’re starting to get complaints from prospects and customers “you never return my phone calls/emails”

“why can’t I ever get hold of you”

This is a sure sign you need support

You look at the accounts and think “I can’t afford it yet”.

The truth is you can’t afford not to!

I often tell business owners “hire before you need to”.


When I talk about hiring, its not just taking on employees but also outsourcing work.

Outsourcing could be getting your accountant to do your bookkeeping, payroll, and VAT.

It could be an HR specialist to help with contracts of employment.

A PA (virtual or otherwise) to deal with phone calls, emails and to book appointments for you.


All of this will enable you to focus on the high value work that you’re good at, the work that generates extra sales and profits that you can use to pay for the extra support you’ve just taken on.


But its really important not to stop here, as your business continues to grow look at where your time is being spent.

What are you doing that could be done by others to allow you to focus on what’s important?


Once you start to run your business like this, you won’t look back.


Having clarity and peace of mind from knowing how our businesses are performing and where they are going means we’re less stressed and can enjoy time away from the business much more.

This is especially important over the ‘festive’ period when we want to spend quality time with friends and family.

If you’d like a free 30 minute meeting to discuss how we can help you run the business you want so you can have clarity and peace of mind, please get in touch.