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Where Did The Day Go?

Where did the day go???

Do you ever look at your watch, phone, or clock at work, its gone 5pm and time to go home and wonder “where did the day go?”

You look at the list of things you wanted to get done and rather than have ticked some items off, you’ve added to it!

You’ve been fire fighting all day, up against the clock.

You didn’t have control of your day.

You start to get stressed, realise you’ll be taking work home. You’ll get home, kids happy to see you and you’ll be grumpy Mum or Dad, stressed out because you’ve got work that MUST be done TONIGHT!

I’ve been there in my business and I see it with clients running their own businesses as well.

What is great, is when you’re able to introduce new ways of working that allow business owners to focus on the important stuff so that when the clock gets to home time…

…they go home…

..and don’t play the grumpy parent/partner/friend because they’ve got WORK! To do.


Get that balance back

The key to getting that balance back is by focusing on the right work to do.

We use the Achiever Matrix based on Stephen R Covey’s Time Management Grid from his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.


The Achiever Matrix


The Achiever Matrix

The Achiever Matrix enables us to divide tasks and activities between Important and Urgent, Not Important and Not Urgent.

The key to this is to try to spend most of your time working in quadrant 2 – quadrant of quality, where you are in control.

More time in quadrant 2 means less time will be spent in quadrant 1 – the fire-fighting quadrant.

All the tasks you shouldn’t be doing are in quadrants 3 and 4.

Quadrant 3 tasks – delegate these to a team member or outsource.

Quadrant 4 tasks – STOP!! No more watching cat videos on YouTube and aimlessly scrolling through Facebook.


Having clarity and peace of mind from knowing how our businesses are performing and where they are going means we’re less stressed and can enjoy time away from the business much more.

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