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Know your numbers – part two

Your business numbers


Do you know how much profit your business needs to generate to provide you with the lifestyle you want?

Do you know how many sales you need to make to generate that level of profit?

D0 you know how much tax you company will need to pay if it makes that much profit?

If you earn that amount of salary plus dividends, do you know how much tax you’ll need to pay?


How much clearer everything is if you can answer YES! To all of those questions.

We see too many business owners working hard without a clear purpose and knowing the answers to these questions.

Which is why we work closely with business owners so they can answer these questions.


Set specific targets for sales, profit, and income.

With clearly defined actions which will enable them to hit these targets.

And review results on a regular basis, analyse what went well and what didn’t.

Reset targets and actions and go again.


Knowing what financial results your business needs to achieve and what you need to do to hit these targets will provide you with clarity and peace of mind.

This clarity and peace of mind means you will be less stressed and be able to enjoy your time away from the business much more.


This is especially important now – summer 2021 as restrictions are being lifted and we get the chance to spend quality time with friends and family.

If you’d like a free 30 minute meeting to discuss how we can help you run the business you want so you can have clarity and peace of mind, please get in touch.