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Stop the wheels falling off

It happens to many businesses at some stage.

You start a business and, after a while, work starts to roll in. You’re busy, money is good, and you start to get excited about the opportunities being your own boss bring.

You complete great work; customers are delighted and recommend you to more and more people.


You start to get really busy.


You’re working crazy hours, getting the work done, invoicing, pricing, and sending out quotes for new work.

Then the wheels start to fall off.


You’re rushed and don’t quite finish a job properly; your customer is really upset.

People go elsewhere because you take too long to get back to them with a quote.

Customers start leaving because the great service you provided at the start has been slipping.


And, you miss that family party because you were ‘too busy’ at work.

You can’t take your children to the park because you’ve got work to do.


Does this sound familiar?


Working for yourself started out as an exciting opportunity to have a good income and see more of your friends and family.

Now it feels more like the job from hell.


What has happened is that you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your business.

What we call a ceiling of complexity.

The Ceiling of Complexity


To improve your personal and business life you need to break through.

You’re too busy, trying to do everything which means you don’t do anything 100%.

You’re trying to wear all the hats in your business.

You’re the owner, the salesman, the operations manager, production manager, bookkeeper, and IT person.

You need to STOP.

This can’t carry-on, START thinking in terms of who can I get to help me, not how can I get this all finished myself.


Take on a salesperson to help with sales, or an operative to deliver some of the work, an admin assistant to answer the phone, reply to e-mails and deal with paperwork.

Or a bookkeeper or an IT specialist.

“I can’t afford it!” you groan.

You can’t afford not to.


Someone else doing some of these tasks will mean you can focus on what’s really important and get the business back on track.

Someone else answering the phone, replying to emails, booking appointments means you could be focused on selling more or finishing more jobs.


Spending more time on the valuable areas of the business and the one’s you’re good at (does anyone apart from accountants enjoy accounts and tax?!).


Soon you’ll see the benefits.

More work being completed, cash balances improving.

Soon you’re in a position to take on more support.


And, you’ll get your personal life back.

Having clarity and peace of mind from knowing your businesses is performing well means you’re far less stressed and can enjoy time away from the business much more.

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